MetroFocus: September 15, 2020

MetroFocus | September 16, 2020

From Minnesota to Rochester, NY the issue of race and policing in America has taken on a renewed urgency as protests continue to erupt around the country. But can police departments be reformed? If so, how? In 2016, Frontline and The New Yorker writer/historian Jelani Cobb traveled to Newark, New Jersey for a close look at efforts to change its trouble police department. Today they return to Newark to examine whether reform can work, and how police departments can be held accountable. As part of our Chasing the Dream initiative on poverty, justice, and economic opportunity in America, Jelani Cobb joins us to share their experience. 

New York’s skyline has soared to new heights in recent years thanks in large part to construction workers. But amid this building boom dozens have died on the job despite regulations intended to keep them safe. Workplace tragedies continue at job sites across the country. Now a new film, “Building The American Dream” is giving us a firsthand look at the fight for fair working conditions and the abuse of immigrant labor. Airing as part of Voces — the acclaimed PBS documentary series produced by Latino Public Broadcasting — the film takes us to Texas to depict the downside of putting business over people. As part of our Chasing The Dream initiative on poverty, justice and economic opportunity in America, the film’s Producer and Director Chelsea Hernandez joins us.