Treasures of New York: Settlement Houses

Scattered throughout the five boroughs of New York City are safe zones for children and adults of all ages; nestled in our neighborhoods are opportunities for teaching, learning and connecting with our neighbors. Today, there are over three dozen organizations under the umbrella of United Neighborhood Houses.

WLIW21 Premiere Thursday, November 17, 8pm
THIRTEEN Premiere Sunday, November 20, 7pm

How has one of these settlement houses or community centers helped you or someone you know? We invite you to tell your story! Your story may be included in our upcoming documentary 'Treasures of New York: Settlement Houses'.


Quincy, MA, United States

I went to Nursery School and Kindergarten at Greenwich House on Barrow Street in the 1930's. Every morning we got a dose of castor oil. a hunk of French ...

Daniel Lebenstein

Asheville, NC

A sense of community is vital to us all, and even more so to those in need. Much can be said about the Henry Street settlement and its historical impact ...

Therese Workman

New York, NY, United States

Hello -- I represent TASC, a nonprofit that partners low-income schools with community organizations to expand the learning day, making time for more and better learning. These community organizations include ...

Elise Hanks

New York

There is only one way to tell the settlement house story: people. In many ways, the story of our city is the story of us. Our stories of origin, our cultures and ...

Rebecca Fasanello

Producer, Treasures of New York: Settlement Houses

My research of New York City’s settlement houses has gone a long way in helping me get my recommended daily requirement of 10,000 steps. In the past several months, I have ...

United Neighborhood Houses

New York, NY, United States

In 2013, the United Neighborhood Houses Junior Board sent 90 care packages to students from NYC who got to college with the help the community-based college access programs in our ...

Sandy Goldberg

New York

I had the pleasure of working for University Settlement and United Neighborhood Houses from 1997-2002. My job took me to a number of different settlement houses throughout the city and ...