How has one of these settlement houses or community centers helped you or someone you know? We invite you to tell your story! Your story may be included in our upcoming documentary 'Treasures of New York: Settlement Houses'.

Elise Hanks

New York

There is only one way to tell the settlement house story: people.
In many ways, the story of our city is the story of us.

Our stories of origin, our cultures and traditions, and our dreams for the future define us as individuals while uniting our families and communities. That they are varied and vibrant is the strength of New York; we succeed when we are each inspired and thrive when we are all connected.

That’s where Grand St. Settlement comes in.

The settlement house model came to New York when the city was at critical mass. People needed space for their dreams to grow and a place for their roots to gather. In 1916, Grand St. Settlement opened its doors, creating a community that would transcend place and time. Our model is still resonant because it empowers neighbors to work together to create community in their image, one that addresses their concerns, meets their needs, and advances their priorities.

For 100 years, we have provided personalized resources and direct services to strengthen New Yorkers and their families, empowering each member of the community to support one another. Together, we have led bold charges for change, worked to overcome obstacles like isolation and exclusion, and fought to dismantle injustices and broken systems.

How do we do it?

We empower neighbors. We support community. We advocate for change.

Today, people need a model where to have a voice is to have equity in the community building process. The time to reintroduce American citites to the the settlement house model is now.