How has one of these settlement houses or community centers helped you or someone you know? We invite you to tell your story! Your story may be included in our upcoming documentary 'Treasures of New York: Settlement Houses'.


Quincy, MA, United States

I went to Nursery School and Kindergarten at Greenwich House on Barrow Street in the 1930’s. Every morning we got a dose of castor oil. a hunk of French bread with a smear of peanut butter and a glass of orange juice. it was the depression. I also got sun light treatments because everyone thought I was anemic
We also had rhythm classes where we all ran around in little green tunics. I was in all the Christmas shows directed by Mrs Murphy and even played the dying daughter in a Eugene O’Neil play that was done there. I was around 6 years old. It was a wonderful place for the neighborhood children and i remember it so well. My mother who was an artist painted a band of animals on one of the upper classroom walls..